We Love You Australia!

by Davis Foth 23. March 2012 20:08

To all of our users in Australia, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to you!  You are in the process of making BuzzOurBiz one of the top Australian free ads sites!  Over the past two months we have seen an incredible rise in the number of users (and the numbers of phenomenal ads, BTW!) in Australia.  Keep up that great down under entrepreneurial spirit and we will continue to make BuzzOurBiz an even greater place to advertise your business for free.  Thanks again from all of us at the BuzzOurBiz team!!

P.S. To all of our users in other countries ... we love you too and we really appreciate your posting ads and surfing on BuzzOurBiz, it's just that Australia gets an extra special thanks this month!

New Feature Alert! Add a Link to Your Ad

by Davis Foth 12. February 2012 20:17

Help people get to your site, Facebook page or any other place on the web easily by adding a link to your BuzzOurBiz ad! We have just added live website link functionality to BuzzOurBiz as a premium feature.
Adding your website URL to your ad will not only help boost your traffic, it will also improve the search engine optimization of your site by creating another inbound link with your ad's description and keywords in close proximity. 
It is only $4.95 for as long as you keep your ad posted on BuzzOurBiz and you can change the link any time you want to direct people to different pages on your site or to a new site altogether.
To add a link, all you need to do is click on the "My Ads" button in your profile and click "Edit Ad" for the ad to which you want to insert your link.  Then, simply enter the URL for the link in the "Website URL" text box and proceed to post the ad again.  You will be taken through the steps to pay for the link using PayPal and can pay using your PayPal account or use your credit card as a guest on PayPal.
Wishing you continued and increasing success with your business!

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Let Your Boss Let You Down - Part 2 - Why You Should Let Your Boss Let You Down

by Davis Foth 16. January 2012 20:49

The central theme of Let Your Boss Let You Down is to use everyday disappointments at work, your surroundings or any other daily experience to fuel your desire to succeed:

·      As an entrepreneur

·      As an employee with your eye on the next level

·      As a boss

·      As a leader

·      As a better participant in numerous relationships (family, friends, extended circles)

·      As a [you fill in the blank with whatever your desired next role is]

Whatever it is that your inner voice is driving you to do, derive strength and courage from the everyday disappointments, pass-overs, slights and inanities that we all experience in the work day, many of which may be a direct result of actions or inaction by your boss, the lunacy of your current work environment, the stress and/or boredom of your current job and many other factors.  The key to all of this, and a subject that we will explore in great detail, is to first identify both those items that are driving you most crazy about your current situation and the items that would exist in your ideal situation and then to redirect whatever feelings of being let down you have and channel those directly into taking concrete steps towards achieving your own goals. 

We should also be clear here that we are using the term "boss" to both describe your boss, as well as your work environment, the job you do, the situations you may find yourself in and many other life factors.   Using "boss" for this purpose is a fitting term because it allows us to focus our thoughts on turning negatives into positives, as who among us has not at one time or another had a boss that made us feel two feet tall and then thought, "Things would be different if I were the boss!"

So, this brings us to the very important matter of: Why you should let your boss let you down.  Here are a few thoughts of the top of my head:

·      Let Your Boss Let You Down because it is a blessing. As a smart, self-motivated person, every time things don’t go as expected or your way it adds to the mountain of evidence stacking up to drive you to where you want to be: whether that is in a new job, as your own boss or foot loose and fancy free for a while.  Embrace it.  Draw inspiration and fuel from it.  Focus your energies on what really matters to get yourself to your next level.

·      Let Your Boss Let You Down because it is inevitable.  Who among us hasn’t questioned our boss’ behavior or decisions or the lack of speed with which they recognize our efforts and promote us?  In many cases, it may not be your boss’ fault: they may not be able to do certain things because of the organization in which they and you work, they may simply not know any better or they may be in a state of being let down by their boss and may be completely disengaged.   The bottom line is that your boss is human, is not the same person that you are and will utlimately, in some way, end up disappointing you.  Don't let that disappoint be a tool of power that is used over you.  We can only really feel disappointed over the long term if we allow ourselves to feel that way, so we are in control of our state of thought and being.

·      Let Your Boss Let You Down because it is a learning experience.   Everything you perceive as a failure in your boss is an opportunity to examine how you would have handled things differently.  This cannot help but make you a better, more “in-tune” leader, even if you are just leading yourself.

·      Let Your Boss Let You Down because it turns negative into positive energy.  We’ve all bitched about our bosses and work situations that get us down, but all of the energy that we spend dwelling on slights and gossiping about bad behavior is negative; if you choose to accept that you will be disappointed and welcome these opportunities (though please don't go creating them!), you can instead focus those energies on the positive aspects of learning why your boss makes you crazy and how you can be a better employee, boss, leader or entrepreneur. 

Let Your Boss Let You Down: Using Everyday Disappointments to Fuel Your Success - Part 1

by Davis Foth 7. January 2012 15:59

As mentioned in the previous post, this is the first of a series of posts that will explore how to use every day disappointments in our day jobs to drive us to realize our dreams ... whether that is of owning or running our own business, improving ourselves in some way (fitness, learning, spiritual enlightenment, etc.) or anything else we want to do for us and those around us. 

WARNING: Reading further may cause you to get less stressed about your job and more excited about the great things ahead of you in your life.

We’ve read all the books and seen all the movies – The Secret, The Power of Feelings, The Four Hour Work Week and all of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series.  We’ve been to feel good seminars, done our vision boards, vibrated our good intentions and asked the universe for what we want and pictured ourselves receiving it.


All of these have something to offer and if you can take and apply one thing from each and feel more confident, in control and participate more fully in your life, then they are worthwhile investments of your time and money. 


We have set the modest goal of aiming to do all of this and more.  We are not promising riches, we are promising identification and realization through giving you concrete ways to examine your particular situation, set your priorities and lay out a set of simple and effective tools to help you execute on your plan for your life.


A good friend once said that he figured his job was OK if 20% of his day and the work he was doing was interesting.  For most of us, that is probably an accurate figure and many days we are on the 10- to 20% side of that picture.  This is probably why we all love Dilbert so much.  Because it seems that no matter what you do or where you work, the hopeless office situations in Dilbert occur, ranging from meaningless make-work projects to efficiency initiatives to “Peter Principle” promotions.  No matter where you are, who you work for or what you are doing, more often than not it seems like you are beating your head against a wall. 


But what is that telling us?  Should that be acceptable to us? Is that acceptable to you? We know that we have been in more Dilbert situations than we can count and, while the comic strip is still funny, the joke in our day job and from our boss appears to be on us.


It is not that your boss is necessarily good or bad.  Letting your boss let you down is not about your boss.  It is not about your work.  It is not about your company or organization.  It is about you.  Your boss may not be aware.  They may not be a good leader. The company/organization to which you both belong may not allow him/her to fully realize his or her own goals, dreams and ambitions and they may not see any way out.  Their boss may actually be letting them down as well.  Either way, if you have ever felt disappointment in your job or felt that you could do better than your boss or wanted something different, then this is for you. 


We've browsed the airport newstand book racks and been tempted by all of the books promising achievement of personal fulfillment, riches, enlightenment and everything else under the sun ... and then we went back to our day jobs, time passed and we felt our inspiration wane.  But not anymore.  Over the past two years, we've remembered back to all of the books and the seminars and the vision boards and we harnessed our feelings of everyday discontentment and we started taking action.  A lot of action.  So much so that we met at a Starbucks coffee shop one Saturday afternoon and drafted up the full concept for BuzzOurBiz.com in three hours and six lattes.  We have started taking action on our own - separate from our boss and our day jobs - and that has made us more able to accept the day to day disappointments, use them to our advantage and feel more in control.  We want to explore our transition and continuing journey to independence with you.  Any and all comments that you have are welcome!

Happy New Year! Looking Back on 2011 and Looking Forward to 2012

by Davis Foth 4. January 2012 20:53

Happy New Year to all!  The end of 2011 has been a great opportunity for us to look back on all that has happened this year.  BuzzOurBiz was officially launched in March 2011, we experienced steady growth and our fabulous users (that means you!) now number in the several thousands and we’ve received and incorporated great feedback from you into the site.  As we look forward to everything we have planned for 2012 we constantly think about our core mission of making BuzzOurBiz the most trusted source for anyone looking for services, which we aim to accomplish in two ways: 1) constantly improving the tools for service providers to advertise and promote their businesses online through BOB and, in that way, enabling the entrepreneur in everyone; and 2) seeking and getting more and more quality reviews for the ads and service providers on the site.

In the beginning of 2012, we will be adding the ability for you to add a link back to your website/blog/facebook page or other area where you might have information about your business, streamlining the layout of your ads and BuzzOurBiz in general and improving the functionality for your photos in your ads so they are more user friendly for your potential or current customers. 

We will also be adding a feature to this blog called “Let Your Boss Let You Down” where we will be exploring how to use every day disappointments in our day jobs to drive us to realize our dreams of owning and running our own business – either full time, part time or just sometimes on the side.  We welcome any and all comments you have on what we post and hope that you will add your experiences and thoughts as well!  In time, Pankaj and I hope that we will be able to package up the blog posts into a standalone site to help others channel their inner entrepreneur, as we fundamentally believe that everyone out there has a great idea (or three!) to convert into a money-making endeavor that will help in securing their financial independence and, in the course of working towards those goals, ensuring that we all feel more independent even as we continue to go to work for “the man” (in the short term, at least!).

Thank you for being a big part of our success in 2011 and for letting BOB play a part in yours.  Please keep the comments - both good and critical - coming ... that is the only way we can make sure that BOB is always serving you better and better.

Happy New Year!

Davis Foth

A Bit of an Overshare...

by Administrator 30. August 2011 21:07

A big thanks to all of the users that alerted us to a small setting issue on BOB that was causing everyone to get notified by email of all new ads that were posted.  We apologize for the inconvenience and please know that it was never (and will never be!) our intention to spam you! 

As you have probably seen in your "My Profile" area, you can select to be notified of new ads posted in any category on BOB.  Unfortunately, all of you were receiving all of the new ads for a brief period of time!  We have corrected the issue and you should only receive notifications regarding new ads if you have actually selected that in the "My Profile" area.  Please note also that you can unsubscribe from all email communications from BOB at any time from the bottom of the "My Profile" main page - just check the "unsubscribe" box.  We also have a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of all of our emails.

Thanks everyone for alerting us to this so we could fix it!

The BOB Team


Press Release July 26, 2011 - Reviews Fuel Rapid Growth of BuzzOurBiz, Expanding Its Niche Among Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook and Others

by Administrator 26. July 2011 21:26


Check out our latest press release here. Also reposted below.

BuzzOurBiz.com Experiences Explosive Growth by Serving Niche of Social Services Classifieds with Reviews – Combining Social Networking Aspects of Facebook and Google +1 With Traditional Classifieds Features of Craigslist, Kijiji and Others for Services

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

Free social networking meets services classifieds site BuzzOurBiz.com today announced a significant upgrade to the site aimed at further engaging its review functionality and expanding on its rapid growth.

New to the site is a “Featured Ads” carousel on the main page where the sole criterion for being featured for a given length of time is getting reviews from different people. If users get two reviews from different people, their ad will be featured for one week; if users get five reviews from different people, their ad will be featured for one month.

“Reviews and recommendations are fundamental,” says Pankaj Bhawnani, founder of BuzzOurBiz. “We want to encourage them from our users in every way. As we all know when we surf the internet, seeing reviews about a product or a business is key before you decide to buy or engage with a business. We want the people who come to BuzzOurBiz to be able to view reviews and ratings about every ad on the site, feel a sense of trust and understanding about what is being offered and hopefully become the next client or sale for the business or person posting the ad.”

As BuzzOurBiz is free, there is no option to pay to be featured and users need only get multiple, legitimate reviews to be added to the Featured Ads section. In addition to getting featured in the new section, the more ratings and reviews a user gets for their ad, the higher that ad ranks in a given category when users search by "Highest Rated" and "Ads with Reviews", so getting reviews is good no matter which way you slice it.

The site, which launched just four short months ago (see the launch press release here), has been adding users and ads at a rapid pace and is now more than doubling its user base every month with a high level of user engagement.

“BuzzOurBiz is unique in the space and the rapid growth we are experiencing is a testament to the need out there for our niche offering of social services classifieds with reviews and social networking,” explains Bhawnani. “We have received numerous comments from users who appreciate the ability to reach a broader audience with their ad than they can on Craigslist or Kijiji which have rigid “by city only” posting and viewing options. They also appreciate the ease of promoting their ads through use of our “Request Reviews” functionality and our integrations with the Facebook platform.”

Adds Bhawnani, “We’ve even had comments that users wish we’d been around years ago because they were not getting the features they needed on other sites, which we appreciate. Our simple response to those comments is: ‘We’re here now and we’re here to serve you.’”

Social networking aspects of the site include wall functionality where users can see what people in their network are recommending, share comments and reviews and also connect with their network and peer or referral partners. Each ad also contains a “Like” button, so users can leverage the reach and power of Facebook for their BuzzOurBiz ads and reviews. If a user posting an ad even gets just their family and close friends to "Like" their BuzzOurBiz ad, it gets their ad in front of thousands of people and this is just one of the ways to promote ads on BuzzOurBiz.

Regarding the question of how far BuzzOurBiz wants to grow its user base, Bhawnani says that the goal is to be the world’s number one and most trusted social services classifieds site. “I would bet that most Facebook users have some hobby, business or other idea for making money on the side, so if we had to put a number on it, our interim goal is have all Facebook users log in to BuzzOurBiz using Facebook Connect, post an ad and start getting reviews and earning money for themselves through BuzzOurBiz.”

“Of course,” adds Bhawnani, “We want everyone else too!”

About BuzzOurBiz.com:

BuzzOurBiz.com is a free local services classifieds meets social networking site where anyone offering or looking for any type of service can post and view ads, ratings and reviews and spread the buzz about the service they just used with their trusted network. Learn more about BuzzOurBiz by visiting our About Us page

Get Reviews and Get Your Ad Featured!

by Administrator 25. July 2011 05:59

We just wanted to let you know about the great new upgrade we've made to BuzzOurBiz - a Featured Ads section on the main page. 

The sole criteria for being selected as a Featured Ad is that you get reviews for your ad!  If you get 2 reviews from different people, your ad will automatically be featured for 1 week and if you get 5 reviews from different people, your ad will automatically be featured for 1 month.

As we all know when we surf the internet, seeing reviews and ratings about a product or a business are key before you decide to buy and we want people surfing BuzzOurBiz to be able to view reviews and ratings about you and your business, feel a sense of trust and understanding of what you are offering and become your next client or sale!  In addition to getting featured on our Featured Ads section, the more ratings and reviews you get, the higher your ad ranks in your category when users search by "Highest Rated" and "Ads with Reviews", so it is good no matter which way you slice it.

How Do You Get Your Ad Featured?

Getting your ad featured on BOB is as easy as getting reviews for your ad!

  • If you get 2 reviews from different people, we will feature your ad for 1 week.
  • If you get 5 reviews from different people, we will feature your ad for 1 month.

Request Reviews by using the "Request Reviews" button in the "My Ads" section of your profile once you are logged in and entering the email addresses of your reviewers!

Best of luck and we look forward to seeing your ad featured in our Featured Ads section!

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What's with all this Facebook "Like"-ing going on here?!

by Pankaj Bhawnani 14. June 2011 20:56

The Facebook “Like” button that is shown on each ad allows users of Facebook to “Like” posts, web pages, ads, etc. that they stumble across on the web ... including your ad on BOB!  When someone surfs to your ad and clicks the "Like" button, a message is automatically posted to their Facebook wall that they like your ad and it is shown to all of their friends in the following format: “So and so likes [the title of your BOB ad with a link back to it] on BuzzOurBiz.”  Their friends will see this and can easily click on the link and view your ad, “Like” it to their friends or “Share” it with their clients, colleagues or family and so on.  All in all, it means more exposure for your ad and more potential customers viewing your great ad and great services!

We also have a "Like" button for BOB on the main page and appreciate any "Like"-ing that you do of us!

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Reviews and BuzzOurBiz

by Pankaj Bhawnani 13. June 2011 20:37

Our description for BuzzOurBiz is that is a free social services classifieds site with reviews, ratings and social networking: which means that it is so much more than just a classifieds site as reviews and the accompanying ratings are key! 

Why should you get reviews for your business on BuzzOurBiz? The first and foremost reason is that reviews and ratings build trust. When people are surfing around to seek out a service provider, they will generally glance over your ad quickly and look to the reviews to find out what their peers - other saavy customers - are saying about you and your business.  Reviews don't even have to all be glowing in order to benefit you: the more authentic and honest they are, the more the surfer will trust the experience of the reviewer and, by extension, the more they will trust you and your excellent business.

The other reasons to get reviews and ratings are that users of BOB can sort all of the ads by "Ads with Reviews" and "Highest Rated".  Therefore, the more reviews you have and the better the ratings you get, the higher your ad will rank!

You can get reviews by clicking on the "Request Reviews" button in the "My Ads" section when you are logged in to BuzzOurBiz.

Get BOB working for you by requesting reviews! BOB is the best employee you have as it never takes a break!

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