New Feature Alert! Add a Link to Your Ad

by Davis Foth 12. February 2012 20:17

Help people get to your site, Facebook page or any other place on the web easily by adding a link to your BuzzOurBiz ad! We have just added live website link functionality to BuzzOurBiz as a premium feature.
Adding your website URL to your ad will not only help boost your traffic, it will also improve the search engine optimization of your site by creating another inbound link with your ad's description and keywords in close proximity. 
It is only $4.95 for as long as you keep your ad posted on BuzzOurBiz and you can change the link any time you want to direct people to different pages on your site or to a new site altogether.
To add a link, all you need to do is click on the "My Ads" button in your profile and click "Edit Ad" for the ad to which you want to insert your link.  Then, simply enter the URL for the link in the "Website URL" text box and proceed to post the ad again.  You will be taken through the steps to pay for the link using PayPal and can pay using your PayPal account or use your credit card as a guest on PayPal.
Wishing you continued and increasing success with your business!

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