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by Pankaj Bhawnani 13. June 2011 20:37

Our description for BuzzOurBiz is that is a free social services classifieds site with reviews, ratings and social networking: which means that it is so much more than just a classifieds site as reviews and the accompanying ratings are key! 

Why should you get reviews for your business on BuzzOurBiz? The first and foremost reason is that reviews and ratings build trust. When people are surfing around to seek out a service provider, they will generally glance over your ad quickly and look to the reviews to find out what their peers - other saavy customers - are saying about you and your business.  Reviews don't even have to all be glowing in order to benefit you: the more authentic and honest they are, the more the surfer will trust the experience of the reviewer and, by extension, the more they will trust you and your excellent business.

The other reasons to get reviews and ratings are that users of BOB can sort all of the ads by "Ads with Reviews" and "Highest Rated".  Therefore, the more reviews you have and the better the ratings you get, the higher your ad will rank!

You can get reviews by clicking on the "Request Reviews" button in the "My Ads" section when you are logged in to BuzzOurBiz.

Get BOB working for you by requesting reviews! BOB is the best employee you have as it never takes a break!

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